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Peng Wang

Wang Peng, an associate professor and master's tutor, serves as a director of the Piano Society of the Beijing Musicians Association and a member of the Beijing Intangible Heritage Skills Inheritance Association. He is also the Head of the Music Education Department at Beijing City University. He has dedicated many years to teaching piano at the Music Performance Department of Beijing City University, the Piano Department of China Conservatory of Music, and the College of Music and Dance at Capital Normal University. Numerous students of his have been admitted to prestigious institutions such as the Curtis Institute of Music, the Juilliard School, the Manhattan School of Music, the École Normale de Musique de Paris, France, the Central Conservatory of Music, the China Conservatory of Music, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Beijing Normal University, Capital Normal University, Renmin University of China, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Wuhan Conservatory of Music, Xi'an Conservatory of Music, and the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, among others, both domestically and internationally.

Wang Peng has performed in many cities across China and the world. In 2010 and 2011, he twice performed the Yellow River Piano Concerto with the Fujian Song and Dance Theater Symphony Orchestra and the Xiamen Song and Dance Theater Symphony Orchestra, to widespread acclaim. In 2023, he organized the "Using the Sound of Music to Arouse the Beauty of the Soul" themed Music Art Practice Week for the Performance Department at Beijing City University. During this practice week, he also held a Teacher & Student Concert. In June of the same year, the Beicheng Guoyun-Wang Peng Teacher & Student Concert took place at the Perth Jinyuan Concert Hall.

He has published numerous papers in core art journals. Notably, his paper "Musical Characteristics of Shostakovich's Second Piano Concerto" was published in Peking University's core journal Musical Works in 2017. Throughout his career, several of his scientific research projects have been approved for establishment. He has led several scientific research projects with funding of over 100,000 Chinese yuan and participated in many with funding exceeding 2 million Chinese yuan. The projects he has been involved in have achieved social benefits and hold great promotional value. He has composed and published many art songs, including four works in the core journal, Songs: the artistic song "Blue Bay-My Home," and "Let's Realize the Chinese Dream Together," the anti-epidemic song "Angels Are Like Flowers," and "The Road of Faith," one of the Six-One-Hundred Works of Beijing City University. Notably, "The Road of Faith" was selected as one of the Excellent Works to Celebrate the Centennial of the Founding of the Communist Party of China. Furthermore, he has guided many students to win gold, silver, and bronze awards in prestigious competitions such as the Singapore International Piano Competition, the International Chinese Arts Festival, the China and the United States International Youth Music Competition, the Beijing Piano Music Festival, the Beijing University Students Art Festival, and the Hope Cup Piano Competition, among other international and domestic A-class competitions. These competitions are highly authoritative and attract many outstanding participants from top music institutes like the Central Conservatory of Music, the China Conservatory of Music, and Beijing Normal University every year.


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