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Yuchun Kang

Updated: May 22

Kang Yuchun, PhD,Director of piano teaching and research section in School of Arts of RUC, Associate Professor, Doctor of Arts, Major Supervisor. Council Member of Piano institute of Chinese Musicians Association, Council Member of Piano education chapter of Beijing Musicians Association, Chinese contemporary pianist.  


Ms. Kang Yuchun was born in Shanghai into a family of musicians. She started playing the piano when she was 4 years old, first tutored by her mother Yao Jingzhuang who is also a famous music educator. Later, she studies piano performance under the direction of Canadian piano educator Willard Schulz, Ukrainian pianist Alexander Bugayevski, Chinese famous conductor Shi Shucheng, Chinese music educator Yang Jun.


After Ms. Kang obtained her master's degree from the Central Conservatory of Music, She worked as a major tutor of the core subject in Renmin University of China. Ms. Kang’s teaching subjects mainly include Piano performance, History of western keyboard music, Piano course of non-specialty, Chamber music playing and Instructions of vocal arts.


Ms Kang has been actively performing on the art stage, not only she holds concerts every year, but also she has her tour performances with her students and colleagues. Her concerts was collected by Central education television station and broadcasted on the central radio station. Besides teaching, Ms. Kang has devoted herself to writing professional articles. She has published a number of articles in professional journals and magazines, such as “Huang Zhong”, “Guangming Daily”,“China Education Newspaper”,“People‘s Music”,“Musical Works”, “Musical Instrument”, Psychiatria Danubina and so on. In 2022,She published a monogram titled ‘J.S.Bach’s Matthew Passion from the perspective of Chinese and Western Rhetoric.’


Ms. Kang’s pupils have won numerous awards in the competitions domestically and internationally, including Royal Moroccan international piano competition, Asian Chopin youth piano competition, Wiesbaden international piano competition, New international music competition in Singapore, The Macau piano open, Melbourne international youth music competition,” Cadenza” national youth music competition, “Changjiang Cup” national piano competition.


Due to the excellent teaching and instruction, Ms. Kang has won awards of Outstanding Teacher several times in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, the United States, Australia, etc.


Ms. Kang was invited to be the judge in various piano competitions. Among the most important ones are: CCTV piano and violin music competition, Beijing piano music festival, Hope Cup piano competition, Macau youth piano open competition, The Oxford philharmonic piano festival, Bastian international piano competition, Kawai piano competition, and so on. Since 2017, Ms. Kang has hired as the judge in famous national music competition website “Yi Sai”.


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